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Special Engineering Projects

Quaife has developed its core technologies from over 50 years experience at the leading edge of motorsport competition to provide a portfolio of comprehensive precision mechanical engineering solutions based on world-class technologies, expertise and manufacturing techniques.

Irrespective of sector, from prototype design through concept to manufacture, Quaife can make your engineering products a reality. Quaife’s Special Engineering Projects division leverages the firm’s powertrain design and advanced CNC machining capabilities to realise a competitive advantage which allows us to meet the needs of your company, business or industry, often in resource and time limited scenarios.

All Terrain Warriors

Aside from drivetrain components, the Special Engineering Projects division oversees the manufacture of competition winches, sub-frames and bodywork fixings, but Quaife has also applied its technical expertise to manufacture precision components for the agricultural, food processing, mining and aviation sectors, as well as dockside cranes, speed boats and amphibious vehicles, even machinery for crematoriums.

For more information on how Quaife’s Special Engineering Projects division can assist your company make its precision manufactured products a reality, please email info@quaife.co.uk


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