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Motorsport Transmissions

Quaife specialises in motorsport transmissons. From a close ratio gearkit to a lightweight, seven-speed sequential gearbox, Quaife delivers reliable, high quality, technologically advanced performance engineering solutions to complex and demanding drivetrain requirements that deliver a winning edge on the stage, circuit and drag strip.

With the rapid pace of change in today's global market, Quaife thrives on competition and has done since the company’s foundation in 1965, producing innovative high performance drivetrain products that aim to offer outstanding value for money for a broad based global market encompassing the majority of popular motorsport disciplines.

Motorsport Transmissions

This pressure drives both people and plant requirements within Quaife, which has a policy of ongoing investment in the finest human and machinery resources available. Creative thinking, technological development, a desire to improve, to challenge the status quo and to deliver unbeatable quality, performance and affordability are at the core of Quaife’s large and constantly evolving range of motorsport transmissions.

The end result is a portfolio of motorsport drivetrain and steering components that combines sophistication, precision engineering and high performance, delivered with a human touch that places great importance on long term working relationships with customers, suppliers and our global distributor network. For more information on Quaife’s range of motorsport transmissions, please download the latest PDF product catalogue  or visit the Quaife Online Shop.