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With a large porfolio of precision engineered automotive components including limited-slip differentials, driveshafts, half shafts, steering racks, winches, close-ratio gear kits, final drive ratios, crown wheel and pinions and complete motorsport transmissions, both in ‘H’-pattern and sequential formats, our product range is unrivalled in this sector.

Quaife high performance transmission products are designed to deliver increased performance and durability for fast road, track day, motorsport and off road activity, the result of meticulous 3D FEA design, careful materials selection, accurate machining, stringent quality control and a wealth of drivetrain expertise and experience.


The Quaife range of products includes the ATB helical gear limited slip differential, which is designed to improve the traction of any front, rear or four-wheel drive car. With outstanding reliability and performance, Quaife ATB’s are actively used in rally, racing, track day and fast road fitments.

For pure motorsport use, Quaife’s range of Tran-X clutch plate style limited slip differentials offer the prospect of high quality components and a degree of user definable performance for customers preferring a traditional plate type unit.

Quaife gearkits feature high strength motorsport optimised close ratio gears, with outstanding durability and performance for motorsport, fast road and trackday use. Synchromesh and dog engagement versions are available, as is a choice of final drive ratios, with fitments covering Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

Designed to transmit higher torque loadings than road going transmissions, Quaife motorsport gearboxes incorporate technical advantages including close ratio gears, lightweight, high-strength casings and they install easily via a range of bellhousings for popular engines (where required.) In-line, front wheel drive, four-wheel drive and transaxle variants are available, many with a choice of motorsport or fast road suited ratios. Customers have the option of either helical format or straight-cut (spur) gears, with either synchromesh or dog engagement depending on requirements.

The Quaife sequential gearboxes offer the ultimate in performance drivetrain technology. The ultra-rapid, state of the art mechanical gearshift eliminates the possibility of a ‘missed’ gear and the units are compatible with the majority of ‘off-the-shelf’ paddleshift / semi-automatic systems to deliver substantial performance benefits for any vehicle application.

Quaife invites you to discover more or for personalised product selection advice please contact info@quaife.co.uk