Mitsubishi EVO Sequential Keeps Up Impressive Momentum

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The Quaife QBE6U Mitsubishi EVO 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox continues to offer precision engineered performance benefits, with many motorsport successes as a result.

Lancer Evo

Think of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and what comes to mind? It probably won’t be long until you recall the vehicle’s successful WRC outings at the hands of champions Tommi Mäkinen and Richard Burns. Although notable by tackling the rally stages against its arch rival, the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the EVO has also been highly successful in both circuit racing and hill climb events. Of course, many an enthusiast has been taken aback by the EVO’s 4WD grip and performance on the open road too. It’s no wonder an EVO VII took a star turn in the 2003 action film, 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The resulting enthusiastic following for all things EVO led Quaife to design, develop and manufacture the QBE6U 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox. Developed alongside, and sold exclusively through Japanese performance specialists Momentum Motorsport, the Quaife QBE6U was born through our desire to offer a genuine bolt in sequential gearbox suitable for the EVO IV – IX platform. It has always been a prerequisite that this transmission is able to stand up to the punishment meted out by our customers ultra high horsepower Time Attack EVO’s, whilst remaining very much at the clubman price point.




This has been a tall order, but one that the Quaife QBE6U has met, with more in reserve. The achievements this past year by Phil Reed’s APT/Ross Sport supported EVO, Auto-Gruppen’s Punisher EVO, Murcia Arnaud in the Swiss Hillclimb Championship, David Spigarelli in the European Time Attack Masters, plus countless other customers around the world, would certainly speak of this success.

It’s fitting to remember that with Group-N homologated ratios and a choice of final drive ratios, the Quaife QBE6U is capable of much more than Time Attack. As it stands, these gearboxes are in use on every inhabited continent of the world, competing in almost every discipline from drag racing to rallying and hillclimb, proving itself time and time again.

Lancer Evo

Key Technical Features:

  • Fits Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-9 without modification
  • Supplied as a complete sequential gearbox by Momentum Motorsport
  • Successful in time attack, rally, hillclimb, drag racing and more
  • 5-speed wide straight-cut gears in homologated ratios
  • Choice of two final drive ratios
  • REM super finished gears
  • Optional Quaife ATB centre differential
  • Comes with either gear lever and cable or air actuator
  • Retains stock clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts directly to engine and transfer case

Gear Ratios – Straight Cut Group-N Rally Set:

1st          2nd          3rd          4th          5th

3.000     2.000       1.470      1.111       0.857

Final Drive Ratios:

4.308      4.143

Mitsubishi EVO


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