VAG DQ200 7-Speed DSG ATB Differential Now Available

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Quaife has designed, developed and is now manufacturing our signature ATB differential for VAG models fitted with the firm’s DQ200 7-speed DSG transmission.

Power levels have often been increasing with each new generation of today’s front-wheel drive vehicles. Whether you’re looking at ‘warm hatches’ offering up to 200 bhp, or the increasing number of ‘mega hatches’ offering over 300 bhp, never have the front wheels needed to do so much.

Channelling that power effectively whilst limiting torque steer is vital, not just for speed and driver enjoyment, but also for safety. Alas, more and more drivers have opted to fit their vehicles with Quaife ATB differentials to increase the levels of traction under power.


QDF31R (2)


During recent years, a number of VAG’s warm hatches have featured the firm’s DQ200 DSG. The Quaife QDF31R ATB differential will be compatible with any model fitted with this iteration of dual clutch gearbox.

Key vehicles that either had this transmission as standard, or had it available as an option include the 5th generation Volkswagen Polo, 4th generation Seat Ibiza, 2nd generation Skoda Fabia and Audi A1, along with some other larger members of the VAG vehicle line-up. Of particular interest to hot hatch fans will be the Volkswagen Polo GTi and Seat Ibiza Cupra.

The Quaife QDF31R is available exclusively through TSR Performance, the premier VAG performance specialists.

Audi A1Seat Ibiza Cupra


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