Rave reviews flood in for Quaife ATB equipped BMW M235i

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BMW M235i

BMW’s have always been well regarded by enthusiasts for their resolved handling and performance characteristics. Rear wheel drive and decent six cylinder engines have drawn many to the allure of the Bavarian manufacturer over the years.

It goes without saying that Quaife are fans, and our ATB differential is an ideal product to transform the already impressive driving dynamics of many BMW models.

Quaife’s exclusive distributors of BMW differentials are highly respected BMW and Mercedes performance specialist, Birds. They’ve included the Quaife ATB differential as part of their new B2 conversion for the M235i Coupe. Power is hiked from the standard 321bhp to 385bhp, and they’ve also seen fit to include Bilstein dampers and Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres for good measure.

The results are highly impressive. Britain’s top draw motoring publications are clear how the Quaife ATB differential has transformed the abilities of BMW’s sporting coupe. Below are just some of their highlights; click the titles to read each review in full:



‘Identifying the M235i’s principal problems is the absence of a limited slip diff and the inability to smear the rubber of both rear tyres more or less evenly on the tarmac when that lusty powerplant is being exercised. Birds’ main weapon is a component that’s become synonymous with its business: the Quaife ATB differential. At a stroke, the thinking goes, three irritants vanish. No more need for management-pegged power in the lower gears when the beans are deployed from a standstill, no more inner-spinner when punching out of a tight bend, and no more hyperactive traction control, either’.


‘It could be argued the Quaife differential does even more to bring the best out of the M235i, (BMW does offer a dealer-fit M-Performance unit, but at £2500 it’s much more expensive). The uprated differential, though, gives you so much more control over the rear axle that you can play with it endlessly. The car will slide like Ari Vatinen’s Mk2 Ford Escort if you want it to, but it’s actually more satisfying to hold the little coupe in modest, neat and perfectly balanced drifts away from tighter corners; the kind of slide that still pings you along the next straight with real impetus’.


‘The Quaife differential really brings the best out of the M235i. The standard car’s open diff frustrates by smoking an unloaded tyre or zapping the car into surprise oversteer when you stamp on the throttle. The Quaife adds much more playfulness, letting you slide the BMW like a classic rally Escort or hold it in neat little corner-exit drifts’.


Contact Birds to discuss the most suitable Quaife ATB differential for your BMW today.

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