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Commercial Vehicle Drivetrain

Quaife has a track record of successfully delivering turnkey commercial vehicle drivetrain product solutions, from an independent on-board power system for medium sized vans to a compact, efficient transmission unit for an electric utility vehicle.

Quaife's unique proposition is that it has the ability to take a customer’s initial requirements, generate a concept and manage the process right through R&D, design, production and testing to the final delivery of a top quality, high performance, fully reliable, finished drivetrain component.

Quaife commercial vehicle transmission

A decision focussed management team, allied to close cooperation between Quaife’s project managers and our clients, exploits stable, long-term partnerships with our customers and external suppliers to allow the firm to realise challenging commercial vehicle drivetrain projects in the shortest of timescales, end to end and from a single source.

For more information on how Quaife can empower your commercial vehicle drivetrain project please email info@quaife.co.uk