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60G 6-speed heavy duty in-line RWD sequential STRAIGHT-CUT gearbox

The new Quaife 6-speed heavy duty in-line RWD sequential gearbox has been designed as a direct replacement for the Ford Sierra Type 9 gearbox, and incorporates a modular gear cluster on 80mm shaft centres.

Quaife has returned to its first principles with this new heavy duty in-line gearbox, opting for a cutting edge, clean-sheet design. The result is a new 6-speed sequential unit, the QBE60G, which weighs in at just 38 kilograms.

Designed for rear wheel drive applications capable of handling up to a maximum of 300 lbft and 375 bhp, the QBE60G offers ultra-rapid and smooth gearshifts, allied to superior strength and reliability, and even features paddle shift compatibility.

The Quaife 6 speed heavy duty in-line RWD sequential gearbox has been designed with open face dogs on both the gears and drive discs to allow for easier gear inter-changeability.

The Quaife 6-speed heavy duty in-line RWD sequential gearbox has a drum type sequential gearchange system which produces a positive engagement with the gear lever position options.

The QBE60G has a front face which is designed to mate directly to an existing Ford Type 9 bellhousing, using the original four or optional six bolt fitment and acts as a direct drop-in replacement for the original Ford Sierra Type 9 gearbox used in Caterhams, Escorts, Ginettas and Westfields, as well as a wide variety of specialist cars.

QBE60G customers can specify long and short input shaft options QBE60G according to customer preference and three ratios sets are available, in either straight cut or helical tooth forms.


         1st       2nd      3rd      4th       5th      6th
Spur  2.057   1.694   1.333   1.150   1.000   0.889
Spur  2.240   1.840   1.482   1.260   1.104   1.000
Spur  2.400   2.057   1.579
Spur  2.769

            1st       2nd      3rd       4th       5th      6th
Helical  2.682   2.000   1.550   1.244   1.000   0.863
Helical  1.600   1.339   1.157   1.000


Price : £6,575.00
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