Ford Focus RS Edition – Review Round-up

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Ford Focus RS

Our Gillingham factory has been a hub of activity over the last few months, even more so than normal. We’ve been busy manufacturing our signature ATB differential for the new Ford Focus RS Edition, a trend that’s set to continue well into 2018, for this model alone.

With demand for Ford’s ultimate hot hatchback reaching fever pitch, owners of existing versions of the Blue Oval’s flagship are also snapping up the ATB differential. Encouraged by the fact that it’s now approved by the manufacturer when fitted by mountune or by an authorised Ford dealer, owners who’ve preferred to stick with their current Mk3 RS have been encouraged to buy the ATB as a standalone product, to increase their car’s traction and road-holding abilities.

It’s been particularly exciting for us to see the reaction from journalists as they’ve reviewed the RS Edition. They were invited to Michelin’s proving ground in Ladoux, France, where they compared a standard Focus RS to the Quaife ATB equipped RS Edition. Feedback for the Quaife differential has been highly encouraging, with journalists often highlighting how this product improves the levels of performance and road holding to ever greater heights. Below are just some of their comments:

Autocar(5 star review)

‘In the diff-equipped car, the sensation of it pulling from the front as much as pushing from the rear was noticeable, making the RS feeling more four-wheel drive in balance. With the diff preventing the front inside wheel from spinning up, there was less ESC intervention, reduced power understeer and a smoother, faster rotation into the corner as the torque vectoring rear axle came into play. Faster and neater, for sure. For those who want the most out of their fast Focus – and the kudos of having the extra tech – it’ll likely be a no-brainer, though. Like an RS but a bit more so, the RS Edition sharpens its edge just that little bit further’.

Auto Express: (5 star review)

‘In the standard car, this is done by applying the brakes to the wheel without grip, which is slower and less smooth in operation. On a soaking wet test track, where we were able to compare the standard RS with the new RS Edition, it was possible to get on the power earlier when exiting a tight corner, making the whole experience subtly more satisfying – and no doubt faster in terms of lap times, too. There’s more bite to the front end, plus a fraction more stability under hard braking. The differential should be even more effective on tight and twisty roads, wet or dry’.


‘If you’re confident enough to drive the RS properly, get on the throttle really early in the corner and commit to letting the clever powertrain do its thing then the diff clearly unleashes yet more potential without diluting the character’.


‘With the RS Edition the sensation is more of being pulled than of being pushed. The effect is for the car to feel more balanced as it progressed through the corner and its stages. The traction control intervened less as it had less to do so the power kept pouring through with less interruption. That makes it faster and smoother, no question. If you were looking for ultimate lap times this would be the quicker car without doubt. It simply lays the power down harder and more efficiently. And if you were perhaps not entirely convinced of your own god-like abilities behind the wheel and wanted to do a fast time on a track day, this would be your weapon of choice’.

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