ATB Differential: Now Approved by Ford

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Quaife is excited to announce that the ATB differential we produce to fit to the Mk3 Focus RS is now approved by Ford as an aftermarket product and will therefore not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Following on from Ford choosing the Quaife ATB as the official differential fitted as part of their new options pack, this precision engineered product is now approved by the Blue Oval when fitted as a standalone item and installed by participating UK authorised Ford dealerships or via mountune, the premier Ford performance and tuning specialist. Quaife are unique in that no other performance differential can be fitted to the Mk3 Focus RS without invalidating the warranty.

With the popularity of Ford’s performance flagship going from strength-to-strength within the hot hatch sector, demand for performance upgrades suitable for the Mk3 Focus RS has continued to grow. The Quaife ATB differential is an essential piece of equipment to increase mechanical grip whilst also offering accessible performance for the driving enthusiast.

The Quaife ATB differential features helical gears rather than clutch plates resulting in a component that doesn’t wear – a true ‘fit and forget’ piece of equipment.

The long standing and well proven formula behind the ATB differential is unparalleled in its manufacturing quality and unrivalled when it comes to reliable performance. This has led to OEM manufacturers including Ford regularly choosing the ATB differential as the primary upgrade to their special series and high-performance model lines.

The Quaife ATB differential costs just £726.00 including VAT and is available exclusively through mountune. Click here for further details.

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