Alfa Romeo Front Wheel Drive Sequential Gearkit In Stock Now

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For many years Quaife has been manufacturing a wide range of front wheel drive sequential transmissions.

Although our designers are constantly looking forward; researching and developing our next generation of products, we wanted to share with you the key facts and figures of our most popular range of FWD gearkits.

All of these products utilise the original bellhousing from the standard gearbox, allowing the original clutch and flywheel set-up, driveshafts, and differential to be retained. The renowned Quaife ATB differential is available as an option on all of these transmissions.

The new, cast maincases are designed to retain the original mounting points so users can keep their original gearbox mounts. These features allow for a true drop-in replacement, further reducing costs and time in turning your manual H-pattern gearbox into a full race-ready sequential.

Alfa Romeo 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit

Alfa Romeo 156 GTAAlfa Romeo QBE9D gearkit


Italian good looks have swayed many to the Alfa Romeo brand over the years, however, the firm has a rich motorsport history, which highlights the company’s sporting intent. Whether it be the 155 saloon taking part in the BTCC in the mid 1990’s, or the historic scenes depicting Alfa Romeos tackling the Targa Florio, Mille Miglia and Le Mans, along with the cars, pulses have been known to race.

Quaife teamed up with Alfa Romeo specialists Autolusso to create the Quaife QBE9D gearkit, specifically developed for the 156 GTA 3.2 V6, and suitable for the vehicle’s C630 gearbox.

This 6-Speed sequential gearkit is a must-have product to increase the performance levels of this sporting saloon. What’s more, many other Alfa Romeo models share the C630 gearbox; from the 147 V6 GTA to the 916 GTV/Spider 3.2 V6, and others besides. The potential of the Quaife QBE9D gearkit is, therefore, a possibility for a number of Alfa Romeo’s recent models. Speak to Autolusso to discuss suitable applications further.

Key features of the QBE9D include:

  • Strengthened outer gear casing with stock C630 mounting points
  • Wider than standard, open face, dog engagement gears
  • Retains OE clutch and drive shafts
  • Rapid, reliable sequential gearshift with replacement lever & cable
  • Choice of close ratio helical or straight cut gear ratios
  • Choice of final drive ratio included
  • Optional ATB limited slip differential (QDH6E)
  • Optional LED digital gear position indicator available
  • Will also fit the Lancia Stratos with the C630 gearbox

Gear Ratios

1st       2nd      3rd       4th       5th      6th

2.500   1.647   1.353   1.125   0.950   0.815     Spur set

3.000   2.000   1.500   1.160   0.929   0.774     Helical set

Final Drive Ratios

4.545   Spur

3.417   Helical


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